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PLEASE READ: Hi, I have a few ideas.

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PLEASE READ: Hi, I have a few ideas.

Post by MetalCheese on Sat May 21, 2016 3:04 pm

Hi, I'm new here but I'm not new to these types of things. I've been looking for one of these for Pokemon for a while but didn't find any... until now! I was wondering though, why did you guys go with the YuGiOh format of academy? Think of it, this is the first Pokemon Showdown Academy, you guys need to pave the way for future Pokemon Showdown academies! So, I know this is my first post, but I'd like to throw a few ideas out there.

1. Instead of having dorms to grade users, you could have gym leaders. Obviously these leaders won't be restricted by Pokemon types. Defeating a gym leader allows you to continue to the next gym leader.

2. Each gym could have 2 or 3 leaders, the others acting as substitutes.

3. The Elite 4 MUST be anonymous. The Elite 4 will have to make separate accounts with their battle teams.

4. You can only participate in one gym battle per week, even if you win. (saves people flying through the ranks)

5. (Here's the best bit) When you get accepted as a trainer to this academy, you'll be given a Pokemon badge case, when you defeat a gym leader you'll get a badge. The badge case will be a signature image, and whenever you get a badge, you'll get another image, displaying your badge. This will simply be a set of images varying in badges showing, nothing a bit of Photoshop can't handle!)

6. Instead of dorm names, it'll be Hobbyist (pre-Pokemon gym battles), Trainer (during badge collection), Challenger (Finished badge collection but pre-Elite 4) and Masters (after defeating Elite 4).

Wow, apologies for the MASSIVE wall of text, I used to be a mod on an old YuGiOh academy forum too so I like to type! I really hope you take this into consideration as I think either this format or something similar will rake in the recruits! Also, I'm really experienced in Photoshop so I can make some really fancy imagery like the badge cases and the badges!

I originally thought this would be a good idea, but when I started writing it out I realised that it would really take off, I really really hope you guys will do this, I'll be able to help loads too!


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