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Jendo_Bruz's Test Results

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Jendo_Bruz's Test Results

Post by α27theDemonKnight on Wed May 11, 2016 8:49 pm

Tester PSA Name: α27theDemonKnight
Tester Showdown Name: PSA - Demon

Testee PSA Name: Jendo_Bruz
Testee Showdown name: Jendo_Bruz

Team and Tier: OU

Test Replays:
1 - http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-371295479
2 - http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-371295479

Skill with team: (20/30)
A balanced team. Could use a Trick Room setter since I was able to put a dent in most of his bulky walls with raw power. Determination to set up Stealth Rocks saved him a lot of trouble. Could use a defensive counter to grass attacks and spore.

Match Results: (15/15) (Tester/testee 0-2 15/15, 1-2 10/15, 2-1 5/15, 2-0 0/15)

Attitude: (5/5)
Polite and cool of what little we did speak.
Mostly the pregame/endgame greetings and compliments/talks.

Originality: (7/10)
Docked most of the points here for the Garchomp.
Garchomp is one of the most common Pokemon one will see in OU. A defensive Rocky Helmet and Rough Skin variant used as Stealth Rock lead. Has Dragon Tail for phaze switch rocks damage also.
The rest of his team were things people will prominently see in UU. Standard Conkuldurr with no spwcial tricks. Drain Punch, Mach Punch and whatnot.
Ultra defensive Mega Gyara with Intimidate, Slowbro.
Bulky offensive has become rather popular recently.

Consistency: (10/15)
For a bulky offensive team, didn't have defensive checks vs grass to switch into. My Life Orb + Technician max atk investment shroom was able to tear apart most of his his team in each round. Everytime I bring him in and since his team is slow bulky offensive, switching in to take the hit usually almost destroyed the switch in. Risky since most of this pokemon have Mach Punch also. However each time offensively countered by his Lati@s which was quite neat. However this can make it somewhat predictable for opponents to counter switch into the checks if the same dance is repeated I shall note.

Adaptation: (7/10)
He was aware that my Breloom was the main threat and made sure to force it out with a speedier check to it each time.
Clutch ultra defensive Mega Gyarados is op. Lel.
He confidently set up against my pokemon with Dragon Dance and sweeped the floor with me each round. XD

Knowledge of Battling: (15/15)
I didn't ask too many questions. Didn't get some of my questions answered. Understandable in the heat of battle the tiniest bit of knowledge can be of vital importance.
He did set up rocks to phase most of my Pokemon such as Thundorus, Flareon and Cloyster. Which actually saved him the first round a whole lot from the wrath of my Cloyster.

Test Score: (79/100)
0-40 Welcome to Forest of bugs!
41-79 Welcome to Land of Fairies
80-100 Welcome to Rage of Dragons[/color]

Gosh darn. So close too. You'll make it to Rage of the Dragons soon with that skill, fear not.

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