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Hello world!

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Hello world!

Post by Lord Alucard on Wed May 11, 2016 6:12 pm

Hello person that is reading this, i'm Lord Alucard, former (And heck, old) staff of MADA, one of your affiliates. Hmm... Guess i need to talk about me now, right? Well... I'm just one of the millions and millions that use the internet, and i really love books and games. Some of my favorite books are The Mortal Instruments, Bird Box and the Millennium trilogy. About games... I play mostly any kind of games, even through i preffer strategy and TCGs, my favorites being Hearthstone, YGO and Pokémon. Did i forget anything? Oh yeah, rabbits. I just love rabbits.

Guess that it's all folks, hope y'all enjoyed!

~Lord Alucard
Lord Alucard

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