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Heinekens results

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Heinekens results

Post by Nightwarrior on Wed May 11, 2016 7:29 pm

Tester PSA Name: Nightwarrior
Tester Showdown Name: Nightwarrior66
Testee PSA Name: Heineken
Testee Showdown name: Heineken
Team and Tier: OU

Skill with team: (?/30) 20/30
MATCHResults: (15/15) (Tester/testee 0-2 15/15, 1-2 10/15, 2-1 5/15, 2-0 0/15)
Attitude: (5/5)
Originality: (7/10)
Consistency: (9/15) 2nd time was better, but it didnt battle consistent both battles.
Adaptation: (8/10)
Knowledge of Battling: (15/15) (How WELL does the testee know the competitive scene? How well does the testee respond to any questions you might ask them?)

Test Score: 79
Welcome to the Land of Fairies! So close, i know you will make rage of dragons if you retest in the future.
0-40 WELCOME to Forest of bugs!
41-79 Welcome to Land of Fairies
80-100 Welcome to Rage of Dragons

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